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Green Water Technologies is a water filtration system dealer for General Electric (GE).

Greenwater Technologies | Water Filtration Systems not Created Equal
Green-Water-TechnologiesProElite_Web_2-4Greenwater Technologies answers questions about home water filtration need, benefit, and installation.

Q: Is our drinking water regulated?

Greenwater Technologies: Yes, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the government agency responsible for testing and treatment of municipal water sources in the United States. Individuals that utilize well or spring water do not fall under the EPA’s water quality jurisdiction. For these individuals, especially, home water filtration may help to eliminate source contaminants.  We recommend the Pro Elite™ Professional Water Series by GE.

Q: Should I be concerned about the quality of my water?

Greenwater Technologies: A water assessment can be conducted at any time. This test checks for two things. First, the assessment will look for primary water standards. Water will be tested for its level of organic and inorganic chemicals and microorganisms. And, although these almost certainly fall within EPA guidelines, they are not necessarily desirable.

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Green Water Technologies Addresses Water Treatment and Conditioning Solutions
Green-Water-Technologies-Boy-WaterIn this brief Q&A, the team at Green Water Technologies addresses frequently asked questions about water treatment solutions.

Q: When should I seek professional help for my water?

Green Water Technologies: We recommend seeking a qualified water treatment provider if you’re experiencing any of the following: If the tap water doesn't taste good, the tap water doesn't smell good, water doesn't lather properly when mixed with soap, water leaves scale or spots on surfaces, or if you've had laboratory testing done and aren't sure how to solve the problems found.

Q: How do I know which type of water treatment product to purchase?

Green Water Technologies: First, know what specific contaminants are in the water that you want to remove. This can be done through a water analysis. Next, research what type of systems are available that address your specific needs.

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Green Water Technologies on the Benefits of UV Disinfection Equipment
Green-Water-Technologies-UV-Disinfection-EquipmentThe global UV disinfection equipment market has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, according to the experts at Green Water Technologies. In fact, this emerging industry may be valued at $2.5 billion by the year 2019.

The global UV disinfection equipment market has increased in popularity for a number of reasons. Boasting inexpensive costs and ease of operations, these systems continue to assist businesses and individuals throughout the U.S. with their water treatment needs. International regulatory organizations have expressed interest in newer water purification and disinfection technologies, notes the team at Green Water Technologies. Much of this awareness is a result of waterborne diseases and illnesses causing difficulties in communities around the world. Green Water Technologies points out that UV disinfection has been shown to reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal issues when coupled with the usage of ozone technology.

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Green Water Technologies on the Popularity of Point-of-Use Water Treatment Systems
Green-Water-Technologies-Clean-WaterAccording to the experts at Green Water Technologies, the emergence of point-of-use water treatment systems is a welcome occurrence for homes and businesses that are struggling with a wide range of chemicals and contaminants. In order to protect families and communities from illness and disease, the team at Green Water Technologies underscroes the importance of verifying water safety at all access points and utilizing a water treatment system.

Q: How do water treatment professionals address contamination issues before they negatively impact the home or office?

Green Water Technologies: After an in-depth analysis of the property’s water supply, water treatment systems are sometimes used to correct the problem. The solution for each home or office depends on the specific circumstances underlying the issue. The GE Pro Elite has been a beneficial asset for many people who wish to erase any trace of contaminants in the water they use and drink. Both point-of-entry and point-of-use systems have been used in recent times to address these problems.

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Green Water Technologies Discusses U.S. Water Supply Contamination
Green Water TechnologiesThe Environmental Working Group recently produced a groundbreaking survey that analyzed the water quality in communities across the United States. In this brief Q & A, the Texas-based water treatment business Green Water Technologies offers their own insights into this growing problem and presents a viable solution that could help families to avoid illness and injury resulting from poor water quality in the home.

Q: How long had the Environmental Working Group been studying water quality in the U.S.?

Green Water Technologies: For a three-year period, this national organization tasked a group of expert researchers with examining water supplies in order to determine any possible traces of contamination. In a troubling revelation for our clients and partners, Houston, Texas finished seventh among the worst cities in the U.S.

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Q & A with Green Water Technologies – Perceptible Water Quality Issues
Green Water TechnologiesA person can often smell, taste, feel and see contaminated water. Water with a cloudy, brown, orange or red color can signal rust, iron or other contaminants in the household plumbing. According to the professionals at Green Water Technologies, the signs of water issues typically include corrosion, discoloration, cloudiness, bad smell and taste, staining, and scale deposits. Here, the industry leader explains why water in the home may be unsuitable for drinking.

Q: What are some common water taste or odor issues a homeowner may encounter?

Green Water Technologies: A sulfur or rotten-egg taste or smell can indicate that hydrogen sulfide is present. Sulfates may cause the home’s water to have a salty taste. In these cases, it’s necessary to determine the source, which may be wells, water heaters, drains or pipes.

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Green Water Technologies Shares the Numerous Qualities of Treated Water
Green-Water-Technologies-WaterMany homeowners are startled to discover that only 1 percent of the water that flows through their houses, apartments or condominiums ends up being consumed by the people who reside there. In order to ensure premium quality working water, Green Water Technologies provides a few important tips and techniques.

What is the other 99 percent of water used for? Green Water Technologies points out that a majority of water is known as “working water,” used for general purposes like showering and bathing, brushing teeth, washing clothes and other household activities. Even though the water isn’t used for drinking or cooking, it still touches a person’s clothes and dishes - not to mention skin and nails.

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Green Water Technologies Discusses Drinking Water Contaminants
Green-Water-Technologies-Drink-WaterGroundwater and surface water are the two leading sources of our water supply, according to the professionals at Green Water Technologies. Surface water is found in reservoirs, rivers and lakes. Groundwater, on the other hand, lies just below the land surface. Consumers generally receive water from either a community water system or private well. A community water system may feature groundwater or surface water, notes Green Water Technologies.

About 15 percent of the United States relies on wells, springs, cisterns or other individually owned sources for water. The remaining 85 percent receives water from community water systems. In order to be developed, community water systems must meet or exceed the exact standards of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as part of the Safe Water Drinking Act (SDWA). Most wells and cisterns are located in rural areas where community water systems are not readily available.

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Green Water Technologies on the Benefits of Using Pro Elite Systems
Green Water TechnologiesGreen Water Technologies highly recommends Pro Elite™ Professional Water Series by GE, a water treatment system distributed to residents throughout the country. This system incorporates an innovative design to improve both the quality and efficiency of a home’s water, Green Water Technologies tells customers. As one of the resellers GE recommends for its sales and service, Green Water Technologies is well versed in the system’s many benefits.
Below are some of the highlights.

Reduced detergent usage

When a household has conditioned water, explains Green Water Technologies, the household can use less detergent to get the same results. A 2011 study showed that a home with softened water can reduce its detergent usage by half, which Green Water Technologies says saves money on bills. According to Green Water Technologies, additional savings can come from switching to cold water instead of hot water when running the washing machine.
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Green Water Technologies Explains the Damaging Effect of Unconditioned Water
Green Water TechnologiesGreen Water Technologies is a company based in San Antonio, Texas, that is dedicated to delivering excellent service and the very best in water treatment equipment to their customers.

Q: What's wrong with tap water? Isn't it supposed to be safe?

Green Water Technologies: The EPA’s national drinking water standards address contaminants in water supplies, but they do not remove other factors such as hard water that can cause multiple problems. That is where a water system can make a difference.

Q: What kind of problems do water systems eliminate?

Green Water Technologies: Taste and odor for one. Although the water may be safe to drink, municipal water may contain minerals, chlorine and organic substances that affect the taste and create hard water problems for the home.
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